My fuking night

To night i had problem with my friends. Some stupid boy called police man come my dorm want to cached me. I don’t know why our world has this stupid guy. But what ever this thing just ended. I am so confusing about that. That matter affects my mood, so I do not want to speak.


Information about myself

My name is Feng Junjie and English name is Jacky. I am 18 years old. I study in Pine Manor College so my identity is student. I choose my major is Business because i want to study more business knowledge and go back to China to help my father company. I have a lot of hoppies, for example, listen music, play basketball, watch movies, sing a song and play video games, sometimes i can make music form my life. I think that hoppies can make me happy and relax to do anything. I think i am a smart boy because sometimes i can know more knowledge from myself. When i come PMC my courses are funny such as making music and my business causes accounting and understanding business. I am not really like baseball game but i like NY’s logo that looks very cool.